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Pushdown Automata Implementation

Netflix Scrapper

Scrap Newsfrom India Today

Classification Algorithms
Machine Learning

Movie Recommendation System

Naive Bayes Classification

K-Fold Cross-Validation of Decision Tree Regression

Reuters One vs Rest Classifier

ARIMA with Pyramid

Linear Regression Using Pandas

Linear Regression

Fundamentals of Numpy

Support Vector Machine

Named Entity Recognition with Conditional Random Fields

Movie Recommendation Sentance Embedding

Random Forest Regression

House Price Prediction

Random Forest Classifier

Logistic Regression

Neural Network

Sequence Labelling with a Bi LSTM in Py Torch

Fully Connected Neural Network

Style Transfer Pytorch

Text Classification Using BERT


CNN-Using Keras

Variational Autoencoder


Neural Network Mnist Dataset

Numerical Methods

The Rectangular Method

The Trapezium Method

Euler Method for the Cauchy Problem

The Simpson’s Method

Newton Forward Divided Difference Formula


Simplex Standard

Clothing Detection

Food Wastage Analysis From 1961-2013 Fao

Video Games Analysis

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