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Data Structures

Hash Table with Linked List

Quadratic Probing

Randomized Heap

Stack with Doubly Linked List

Next Greater Element

Infix to Prefix Conversion

Postfix Evaluation

Stack with Singly Linked List

Infix to Postfix Conversion

Prefix Evaluation

Evaluate Postfix Notations

Balanced Parentheses

Dijkstras Two Stack Algorithm

Stock Span Problem

Lowest Common Ancestor

Binary Search Tree Recursive

Merge Two Binary Trees

Non Recursive Segment Tree

Number of Possible Binary Trees

Binary Tree Traversals

Binary Search Tree

Alternate Disjoint Set

Double Ended Queue

Queue on Pseudo Stack

Circular Queue Linked List

Priority Queue Using List

Middle Element of Linked List

Doubly Linked List

Doubly Linked List Two

Singly Linked List

Circular Linked List

Singly Circular Linked List

Min Priority Queue

Queue Using 2 Stacks

Local Maximom Point

Number Of Local Maximum Points

Queue Using Linked List

Reverse a Linked List

Stack Using Array

Queue Using Array


Binary Search Tree 2

Trie Using Hashmap

Queue Using Two Stacks

Dsu Union Rank

Dsu Path Compression

Linkedlist Implentation Usingarray

Stack Using Queue

Circular Queue Using Linked List

Queue Using Array 2

Print Top Viewof Tree

Valid BST Or Not

Create BST From Sorted Array

Nearest Right Key

Vertical Order Traversal

Level Order Traversal Queue

Ceil In Binary Search Tree

Create Binary Tree From Inorder Preorder

Check If Binary Tree Balanced

BST Recursive Generic

Level Order Traversal

Tree Random Node

Disjoint Sets

Circle Linked List

Cursor Linked List

Count Singly Linked List Recursion

Merge Sorted Array List

Search Singly Linked List Recursion

Merge Sorted Singly Linked List

Create And Detect Loop

Merge K Sorted Linkedlist

Generic Array List Queue

Dynamic Array

Stack Array List

Balanced Brackets

Next Smaller Element

Decimal To Any Using Stack

Largest Rectangle

Next Grater Element

Calculate Max Of Min

Postfix To Infix

Duplicate Brackets

Maximum Minimum Window

Infix To Postfix

Connected Component

Bipartite Grapf DFS


Empty Heap Exception

Hash Map Linear Probing

Threaded Binary Trees

Recursive Traversals

Transitive Closure

Singly Link List Deletion

Ascending Priority Queue

Middle Element in List

Cycle in Linked List

Find All Duplicates in an Array

Arrays Intersection

Richest Customer Wealth

Postorder Traversal

Maximum Product Subarray

Remove Elements

Shortest Word Distance

Find the Highest Altitude

Sort Squares of an Array

Sorted Arrays Intersection

Get Products of All Other Elements

Almost Palindrome Checker

Basic Binary Search Tree